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Powell Peralta started Bones Bearings in 1983. Bones Bearings are engineered specifically for skating with their own Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant to provide the best performance and durability possible. Bones Reds bearings are without a doubt the most popular bearings that we sell at NOTE, and have been for years. You know what you get with a set of Bones Reds, but Bones have got you covered across all levels of the bearing spectrum, with a range of products including Swiss, Super Swiss, Ceramic Super, Super Reds, Swiss Ceramics and more. Bones know bearings.

10 products found in BONES BEARINGS

Bones Reds 608 Bearings
  • £21.99
Bones Super Reds 608 Bearings
  • £29.99
Bones Swiss Bearings Swiss Ceramics 608
  • £149.99
Bones Big Balls Reds 608 Bearings (8 PK)
  • £19.99
Bones Race Reds 608 Bearings
  • £31.99
Bones Bearings Reds SWRB 608 (pack of 2)
  • £4.99
  • £9.99
Bones Bearing Tool
  • £19.99
BONES™ Vato Rat Wax
  • £5.00
BONES Bearings Swiss Boss Wallet - Black
  • £24.99